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Retro style furniture in solid Teak wood

Retro teak furniture is without a doubt a very popular trend! Retro style furniture, also known as the Scandinavian style, goes back to the 1920’s. Kaare Klint is recognized as the founder of this vintage style of minimalist wooden furniture. Klint’s aim was to design functional furniture that was based on human’s proportions and by using high quality materials.

Although the roots of Retro furniture come from Denmark, Jepara is one of the world’s main manufacturing places for Retro Teak furniture. Over the past years the demand for retro style teak furniture has grown exponentially.

Good Wood Interior offers a successful Retro teak furniture collection since 2014. Last year we added a new collection with a slight edge to meet new customer requests. Using high quality teak, professional designers and good craftsmanship we managed to distribute our Retro Teak furniture all over the world. We offer Teak tables, sideboards, cabinets and more in that fashionable Retro style.

Retro Teak furniture