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Sustainability in wooden furniture manufacturing

Sustainability as a furniture manufacturer

Unfortunately over the past twenty-five  years the word ‘sustainability’ has been overused, often carelessly, and became a label that can be stuck on all politically correct approaches, attitudes and lifestyles.

We ourselves prefer to stick to the most widely quoted definition of sustainability as it dates back to the Brundtland Commission of the United Nations in 1987: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

At Good Wood we interpret the word as the responsibility to ascertain that all the procedures and processes of our business are in line with the benchmark of the ultimate sustainability of life on the planet. As much as is possible we stay clear from using non renewable resources and toxic components and we do our best to avoid inflicting damage on any part of the planet’s life support systems.

The earth needs trees to take in carbon dioxide and to provide us with oxygen. The tropical rainforests are sustaining life as the ‘lungs’ of our planet. By fixing carbon they help maintain the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels low and counteract the global “greenhouse” effect. They also contain the vast majority of the world’s plant and animal genetic resources.

At Good Wood we believe it is our collective duty to support all human efforts to diligently conserve the natural ecosystems and we strongly oppose all forms of irresponsible forest destruction. Therefore, as a golden rule we refuse to purchase any wood that we suspect to have been illegally logged in the wild and for our entire production we rely on certified timber that has been grown on Indonesian Government plantations.

Social responsibility: there is more than a factory

To achieve a sustainable economic future we can only prosper if we fully integrate into the community that surrounds us and act as a responsible player in our local environment. At Good Wood we measure our success not only by P/L and balance sheet statements but also by the amount of jobs our organization has created. That is the very real human dimension of sustainability. What remains at the top of our agenda is the well-being of the people who are touched by our operation, clients, employees, suppliers and neighbors alike.