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Teak wood quality

Teak wood

Teak Wood is a tropical hardwood that is famous for its enduring quality that never depreciates. All our furniture are handmade in Jepara, the Mekka of Teak wooden furniture in the world. We only use legally harvested wood that is verified by the Indonesian Legal Wood authority (SVLK verification).

Teak Wood is known for its beautiful wooden structure that remains visible when manufactured into furniture items. The timber has been used for decades/centuries as constructions become easily strong and when properly dried, the wood acclimatizes to its surrounding. This way the wooden panels don’t move too much and the chance on cracking and bending is reduced.

The valuable characteristics of Teak Wood increased the demand of this natural resource over the years. Although its prices are comparably quite high, it is 100% durable quality that you buy. Additionally we understand that to remain competitive our customers are helped by smart construction work and invisible alternatives to keep the amount of Teak Wood used to a proportionate and affordable level.

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