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SVLK Legal Wood certification vs. FSC certification

What is SVLK Legal Wood certification and how does it differ from FSC

SVLK Legal Wood

All Teak furniture manufactured by Good Wood Interior contains the SVLK (Indonesian Legal Wood) legal wood certificate. SVLK Legal Wood certification is obligatory by Indonesian law for all wooden products exporters in Indonesia. The SVLK is an effort by the Indonesian government to control that all forestry- and timber-related businesses operate using legal wood. This includes the maintaining of long term social, environmental and economical benefits from the forest.

FSC certification

The global FSC principles were published in 1994. There are 10 principles and criteria that must be applied by any forest management operation in order to receive the FSC certification. For furniture manufacturers that hold an FSC certificate this means that they are only allowed to use wood that comes from a FSC certified forest. In reality this results in substantial higher prices for raw material in comparison to SVLK certified wood.

SVLK in practice

Good Wood Interior is one of the first furniture manufacturers in Jepara to be SVLK certified since March 2013. SVLK certification includes a lot more than only controlling that the wood is Legal. Furniture manufacturers in Jepara can only obtain the SVLK certificate if the working environment for the employees is according to the predefined standards. The factories must be safe, not producing air pollution and not producing noise pollution for the environment. Finally, the salary of the production workers must comply with the Indonesian law. Goodwood Interiors adds great value to control all related aspect and maintain our legal wood certifications. We are proud that our operations comply with all relevant SVLK requirements, which is controlled by independent external auditors on a yearly basis.

 SVLK certificate code for Good Wood Interior