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Different types of Teak wood quality

quality Teak grade wood logs

The Teak wood quality is a grey area which many buyers have different opinions on. Fact is that there are differences in the quality of teak and customers should know what they pay for, especially since the price differences can be up to 50% between the different qualities. Teak wood quality is related to its natural colour, the amount of sapwood present, the matureness of the wood and its natural grains. For Indoor furniture it is common to distinguish between Teak grade AB and Teak grade C. For garden furniture it is common to distinguish between Teak grade A and Teak grade C. This is because outdoor furniture mainly exists of single slats.

Teak grade A:

This is the best teak wood quality available. This teak comes from mature trees that are most likely over 30 years old. Only the best part of the tree is used which is located at the centre of the log. Furniture specialists recognize grade A teak by its beautifull uniform gold/brown colour and perfect close grain structure without any knots. The teak grade A is rich in natural oils, making it perfectly suitable of outdoor furniture and resistant to extreme wheather conditions. By only using the best parts, the waste can reach up to 70% of the log. This waste and exclusivity is a main driver for the relatively high prices for Grade A furniture.

Teak grade B

Grade B is still a very high quality of teak. The main difference is the greater allowance for colour variation, knots and uneven grain structure. This is especially common for Indoor furniture. The teak still contains a lot of natural oils and is perfectly resistant to insects. Teak grade AB is mainly used for indoor furniture because of its beautifull natural aesthetics, lively wood and its prices.

Teak grade C

For furniture made of Teak wood quality grade C the wood comes from small diameter tree trunks and it is allowed to use the sapwood of the trunk. Sapwood is the youngest outer wood of the tree trunk. Because it is still young, it does not contain any natural oils and the wood is softer. As the diameter of a tree determines its price, and because by using sap wood there is hardly any waste, prices for teak furniture grade C are about 40% lower compared to furniture made of grade AB.

Teak grade C + Treatment

This is a method that is widely used in the outdoor furniture industry, but that many end customers do not know. A lot of outdoor furniture is treated with a material that creates a chemical reaction. As a result, the white sapwood from teak grade C transforms to a beautiful colour similar to teak grade A. In other words, the furniture looks the same but the wood itself is very different and the price is around 40% cheaper. This system is controversial and many furniture producers and buyers have different opionions about it.

Good Wood stands for high quality furniture and we therefore are specilized on Teak wood quality grade AB indoor furniture and on request we manufacture garden furniture grade A.