Wood cladding for wall decoration

Goodwood Interiors is one of the main suppliers of teak wooden wall panels in Indonesia, also known as wood cladding. Wood cladding is an increasingly popular and much seen product for wall decoration in hotels, restaurants and bars. But the great looking effect of a wooden wall is now also getting noticed and implemented by personal stylists and private homeowners.

Wooden wall panel covering has a positive effect on the acoustic of a space and forms a nice and natural looking alternative for wall paper, bricks or paint. Various styles can be met for the wood-cladding decoration by the type of wood that is used and the kind of finishing of the panels. A rustic look or rather smoothly sanded, with skinwood or the classic gold brown color of grade A Teak, we offer a wide range of solid wooden wall cladding.

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Our signature construction for wall cladding

Our wood-cladding panels are standardized through a stairway interlock system in order to have an invisible transition on the wall. The panels are adhered on a strong net to guarantee the flat surface on the back. The wood used for the wall decoration is all recycled Teak that is bought as waste from furniture factories in Indonesia, mainly from Jepara and its surrounding. These wood scraps are normally too small and inconsistent to be used further for furniture, but it’s especially these characteristics that make them perfect for our wood-cladding. The waste management goes even further in our process, as we give the wood dust and the tiny wood scraps from our production process to a local company that produces wood pallets. Those wood pallets are in their turn used for local cooking stoves as well as exported as a sustainable natural resource for cooking.

Your new business opportunity!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if one or more of our models interests you, or if you are looking for a partner in your custom design of wood cladding. We have a large and varying stock of wood and we are quite flexible in the design. We are more than happy to research and develop exclusive new models with you!

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