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Solid wooden cabinets in different styles and sizes

Cabinets are decisive when it comes to the interior design of rooms. It has a distinctive role for the style and ambiance and at the same time it has a strong functional use for storage and presentation.

Within our different collections we have cabinets ranging from contemporary design, Retro style, grey teak stained, country style, French Louvre and more. Whether you are looking for open cabinets, with glass doors, drawers or solid wooden doors, for each taste and need we have the perfect cabinet offering.

Teak cabinets modern Concept collection

Teak classic cabinets Edge collection

Teak contemporary cabinets Gusto collection

Grey teak cabinets New Shadow collection

Teak cabinets Retro collection

Teak cabinets Iron Wood collection

Country style collection in Mindy wood

Modern cabinets Honneur collection in Mindi wood

French louvre Beach House collection in Mindi wood