The Good Wood product range of wooden furniture is a timeless furniture collection that eclipses fads and fashions. These modern classics retain a premium value that never depreciates. All the items in our wooden furniture collections are handmade by superb craftsmen in a long tradition of perfection that was passed from father to son. Our collective expertise goes far beyond the basic skills of carpentry and with good reason we refer to ourselves as ‘cabinetmakers with distinction’. We continuously strive for excellence and quality is embedded in every piece we make.

We have a passion for wood. Wood only requires land, water, nutrients and sunlight to grow. Wood was once alive and all types of wood have a specific character. At Good Wood Interior our goal is to transform the personality of the particular type of wood into an object of beauty.


wooden furniture

Concept is designed as a clear and straight answer to specific demands. When ample storage is needed but space is at a premium, concept cabinets make efficient organization an easy task.

Concept helps to reduce clutter and creates tranquility of mind. Concept cabinets can take a load of stuff without putting any burden on the interior. The tables combine lightness with carrying capacity.

The Edge

wooden furniture

Our most successful teak collection is primarily sold in Northern Europe. The simplicity of the design, the grey weathered teak, the appearance of reclaimed wood and the specially designed hardware have all contributed to make it into a winning formula.

The Edge was the result of several years of thorough research and analysis and that is how it developed into a line that has filled many more containers than any other. Please check whether these items are available in your region (or perhaps still missing...)


wooden furniture

This is a line of furniture that we purposely developed for the true aficionados of the Good Wood philosophy and design concepts. We challenged the team to create a line that would appeal to an audience with impeccable taste.

All these items share especially robust framework and have sleek handles that give them a strong and distinctive character. Gusto has been warmly accepted in the marketplace and is recognized as an outstanding achievement that underscores our reputation.

The New Shadow

wooden furniture

This rather recently developed collection is made from Teak and can be ordered in various different finishings. Although the picture shows a brown with white wash finishing, this is a line that currently sells extremely well in pure unfinished Teak.

With the strong minimalist lines and flat door panels these items have a distinctly contemporary feel. New Shadow furniture exudes an atmosphere of balance and tranquility


scandinavian furniture

At first the Retro line was introduced in a classic mahogany colour, but after the enormous success we decided to prolong this collection in unfinished natural teak. The light colour of the natural teak accentuates the delicate lines of this absolute evergreen collection.

For the fair in 2016 we've improved the look once more with carved out handles for the doors and drawers.

Retro Extended

scandinavian furniture

We have developed a couple of new Retro designs to widen our Retro collection. This unfinished Teak collection was a big success during the Jakarta fair. The items are designed knock-down so packing doesn't take unnecessary space.

Perhaps these Retro Extended items are just what you needed: unique pieces that answer to the growing demand of Retro furniture.

Iron Wood

wooden furniture

This brand new collection is made from reclaimed teak and brushed iron.

The antique-look iron frames embrace the old teak panels and doors. The particular combination of iron and ‘old wood’ has gained immediate acceptance and exceptional popularity at all recent furniture-shows. The collection is fitted with ‘rustic’ hardware. Ironwood is a revolutionary development in furniture design but we are confident that this particular mixture of imagination and innovation will turn into legend.

Country style

wooden furniture

For this Country collection Good Wood Interior took a series of well-known designs, evergreens, to a new level by adding an Old Wood finishing.

The surface is made slightly rough and with the right coloring we can create that perfect Old wood look on new Mindi wood. The collection is a well developed and complete set of Country furniture that can be sold on its own or as a mix-and-match with other decorative styles.

Beach House

wooden furniture

Looking at distressed Louvre and the off-white calming atmosphere, one can only imagine that long hot summer near the sea. Curtains billowing in a cool sea breeze. The reflection of the playful waves on the ceiling. A lazy chair on the veranda. That pleasant state of mind of sorrow free idleness.

Indeed our 2015 collection reflects all that. But at the same time caters for the very practical house hold. Its logical box sizes and ample storage space shows our years of experience in the world of interiors. This collection has a seamless connection with our 2014 Country style.


wooden furniture

The Honneur collection made of Mindi, is characterized by a thick wooden frame and open shelves. The collection is known for the large storage space, while reserving the open construction for a lighter feeling.