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Solid wooden sideboards and audio-video booths in many styles and sizes

Sideboards are perfect additions to each interior and are often mix-matched with other furniture pieces in the room, as long as there are one or two characteristics aligned. Whether it is the wood type, the finishing, the style, the accessories or the division of doors, drawers and open spaces, sideboards can be chosen to stand out or integrate perfectly.

Our wide range of sideboards fit as part of a whole collection but just as much as individual strong characteristic pieces. We offer solid Teak sideboards as well as nicely finished Mindi sideboards in for example contemporary design, Country style, Retro and where wood and steel are combined.

Teak sideboards modern Concept collection

Teak classic sideboards Edge collection

Teak contemporary sideboards Gusto collection

Grey Teak sideboards New Shadow collection

Teak sideboards Retro collection

Teak sideboards Iron Wood collection

Country style collection sideboards in Mindi wood

Modern sideboards Honneur collection in Mindi wood

French Louvre Beach House collection sideboards in Mindi wood